Thursday, July 27, 2017

15 dumbest thing to do

1. Jump into a volcano
2. Jump of a cliff because you think you will land in water.
3. Run in a front of a train because you think your faster than it.
4.Try swim away from a shark when it smells your blood.
5. Try feed a wild shark.
6. Cut your hand off.
7.Try beat a sumo fighter in a fight.
8. comet Suicide.
9. Try get on to a train while it is moving
10. Shoot a cop.
11. Try eat a sword.
12. Push a button that destroyers the world.
13.Jump out of a rocket when it s coming back to earth and it is on fire from space.
14.Let a bear eat you alive.
15. Have a wild snake as a pet.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Interdependence Blog Post

This is my Interdependence Blog post we had to work in groups to do it in groups and it was fun doing it in a group and here is my groups rap that we did.

Maia's going to the beach Swimming with her peps. Her friends name is Mya & she's on steaming Hot fire. Hunta's sister is 6 & Noah's doing flips and Kaydence is trying to get a tan. Ella's on the boat wearing a fluffy coat while Ryan is Briflipping the bowl Dylan's at Flip Out jumping & yelling about. Riley is fishing for tea and Finley's watching TV. Jacob's at speed way on on is huawei and that the end of our rap.
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