Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My First Blog Post 2016

Hi my name is Jacob and this is my blog post for 2016. Rugby interests me because you get to play lots of games against other teams at different places and at the park I train in Napier. When you play a rugby game,  you can get a sausage sizzle and a fizzy drink afterwards. They are cooked on the BBQ. The best part about rugby is that you get to try hurt people by running at them with your shoulder to make them get out of your way so you can get a try. My most favorite part about rugby is that you get to play with all our teammates  that are in your team so you can pass the ball to them so they can get a try as well. This will help your team so we can win against Tamatea. They have been undefeated for lots of years so if my team can make them lose one game, then they will not be undefeated for once in a life time. They do get really good people like Harry because if he sees a huge gap he will make people think he is going for the small gap but he turns around and goes for the huge gap that he saw before and goes for the try. The reason they keep winning is because they use team work and also they pass it to all the strong players and fast players in their team. They can win every game that they play. I can't wait for rugby to start.